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2+ ways you can work with us

whether you want to tweak off-the-shelf kodehyve™ tools or would like us to build your custom product, we've got your back!

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explore the next-generation
real estate collaboration tool

by largely replacing inefficient workflows, kodehyve™ is a collaboration tool allowing real estate contractors & agencies to more efficiently manage their construction & commercialisation projects.

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tweak off-the-shelf
kodehyve™ tools

rapidly implement powerful software that solves unique, industry-specific pain-points and simultaneously solve your organisation's unique challenges.

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custom product
development on demand

organisations are individual & need complex features to cover specific use cases. our team designs & builds your tool tailored to your needs and requirements.

our services

a range of services your organisation can benefit from.

powerful collaboration tools

we build powerful collaboration tools to enhance your internal & external processes.

smooth websites

we develop websites that actually look like they should in 2020.

IT & product advisory

we consult organisations looking for IT & product advice to build powerful tools.

kodehyve software

reach out to us to get started

reach out to us via any of the contact information provided below to schedule a meeting.

Felix Hemmerling, co-founder & CEO
felix hemmerling

co-founder & CEO

 (+352) 691 571 500

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Julien Casse, co-founder & CTO
julien casse

co-founder & CTO

 (+352) 691 571 500

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built on AWS serverless, kodehyve tools are built with technologies that make your heart beat faster.

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ready to build your own kodehyve™ tool?

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