one powerful collaboration tool
with endless modules

kodehyve replaces the many tools you use already by one single powerful collaboration tool. Document exchange, live chat, real-time statistics, contract signatures, & more - everything in one place.

kodehyve real estate management software

powerful features & modules

collaboration feature

use one powerful collaboration tool that enables you to manage your real estate projects end-to-end.

CRM feature

track your sales progress and manage your clients in a space where you have access to the relevant files.

document exchange

exchange documents and information with your clients hassle-free via one powerful collaboration tool.


stop printing endless pages and sign contracts and receive consent for important decisions electronically - all within the same tool.

live chat

tired of lengthy email threads? Chat with your clients and other project stakeholders in your application - live!

in-app & SMS notifications

notify the stakeholders involved via instant SMS messages so you can be assured they actually ready your message.

task list creation

create task lists so everyone involved knows what tasks they need to complete and when it needs to be done.

project status

visualise a project's status and progress to all stakeholders involved to create a sense of transparency.

desktop & mobile friendly

instant access from anywhere in the world and wherever you are is a must when it comes to managing real estate projects.

one multi-sided platform for
all stakeholders involved

more efficient workflows, better communication & increased transparency for all stakeholders involved by using one powerful multi-sided platform.

multi-sided real estate platform

document request flows,
beautifully designed

collect documents & information more efficiently & in a highly user-friendly way with the kodehyve document request flows.

kodehyve document request flow & upload

powered by Luxtrust™

powered by Luxtrust™, you can have your documents sealed & signed with the highest quality signature provider.

kodehyve e-signature powered by Luxtrust

create task lists & make them
visible to your clients

organise your tasks for internal usage & enable its visualisation to your clients so they know what tasks they need to complete.

kodehyve real estate task lists

enable increased transparency between contractor, agent and client

increase transparency by openly showing construction, acquisition & rental projects' progress dynamically.

kodehyve real estate transparency

instant communication,
notifications & live chat

get rid of lengthy & inefficient email threads with kodehyve's integrated live chat & instant in-app & SMS notifications.

kodehyve multi-user live chat

provide an advanced user-experience to your project stakeholders

access anywhere anytime
securely access anytime

securely access kodehyve from anywhere & anytime.

document exchange
document exchange

easily upload requested documents from any device through a user-friendly flow.

live chat
live chat

communicate instantly with your agent, landlord, or construction company.

kodehyve mobile
kodehyve e-signature powered by Luxtrust

sign documents electronically & hassle-free with state-of-the-art technologies.

instant notifications
instant notifications

trigger & receive instant notifications for important information.

project rogress
monitor project progress

get a transparent overview of your project's progress.

secure & reliable

secured cloud hosting

we take security seriously - at kodehyve, all customers each have their own secured cloud hosting.

rolling updates

updates are pushed on a rolling basis, meaning there is no downtime when it comes to updating the platform.

99.99% uptime commitment

based on the most reliable infrastructure, we have a 99.99% uptime commitment included in our SLA.

automated bug reporting

the smallest bugs are detected automatically in our platform - but we make sure there won't be any in the first place.

powered by aws

built with aws serverless, kodehyve is officially powered by amazon web services (aws) and is built on infrastructures used by some of the greatest organisations, ranging from Airbnb™ to Netflix™ & NASA™.

kodehyve is powered by Amazon Web Services

switching from your old
services to kodehyve?

you are using multiple tools that you would like to replace with kodehyve? you are not the first - we help you switch from your tools so as to manage everything with kodehyve.

replace your old tools with kodehyve

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