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kodehyve expands to Belgium
kodehyve expands to Belgium
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kodehyve comply

Seamless and automated compliance

kodehyve comply is a comprehensive standalone compliance platform, supporting real estate professionals of all kinds to conveniently and efficiently execute their compliance and due diligence activities so as to comply with KYC/AML/CTF regulation and seamlessly manage the entire compliance lifecycle of their clients and investors.

kodehyve comply is not only beneficial to property developers but also adds value to other stakeholders involved in real estate transactions who are also subject to KYC/AML/CTF obligations such as real estate funds or real estate agencies, to name only a few. Additionally, the solution fits the needs of associated stakeholders including legal professionals, such as notaries and lawyers.

The solution is available to real estate professionals in kodehyve OS, kodehyve’s flagship solution, as well as in a standalone compliance application, kodehyve comply. Software Development Kits (SDKs) are available for organisations wishing to integrate the module in their existing solutions.  

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Effortlessly perform due diligence checks on customers and beneficial owners with Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Beneficial Owner and Counter-Terrorist Financing checks.

AML compliance

Make sure to always meet the compliance requirements of the AML Law.


Set up your platform in your organisation’s look-and-feel.

Automated flows

Automate your due diligence flows.

Holistic audit trail

Track all movements along the way and make sure to be covered with tangible proof in case of litigation.

Secured technology

Highest standards of security in place to safeguard private and confidential data.

Compliance from anywhere

Invite your investors to complete their compliance flow from any device, anywhere in the world and at any time.


reduced fraud rates


accuracy rate


average reduction time for investors onboarding compared to traditional methods


experience for investors and professionals

Legal background

Jokubauskaite and Tempé from KLEYR GRASSO posing with Hemmerling and Ziliotto from kodehyve in front of art painting

The module has been developed in response to the recent refreshment of the AML law in Luxembourg triggered by previous GAFI checks, as outlined in the Act of 29 July 2022. Since the amendment of the AML Law, developers and other real estate players are now required to to perform risk assessments and due diligence on investors, as well as to implement AML/CTF policies and procedures. This includes verifying the identity of persons, maintaining transaction records, and reporting suspicious transactions to authorities. Professionals also have to ensure their risk management systems comply with their new professional obligations to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing activities, all of which are essential for AML/CTF legal compliance in Luxembourg.

kodehyve built an industry-specific solution to help real estate professionals comply with the evolving AML/CFT regulations and requirements. The powerful solution effectively alleviates compliance struggles for property developers and all their related stakeholders by providing them with a comprehensive and reliable platform to perform due diligence on potential clients and investors. The module is specifically designed to simplify and automate the often complex, manual and time-consuming process of gathering vast amounts of heterogeneous data, making it easier for property developers to process the information received and giving them more time to perform their risk analysis and other truly value-adding tasks. The versatile solution is deployable based on your needs: available in kodehyve OS, as a standalone platform and through SDKs for integrations into existing solutions.

kodehyve collaborated with KLEYR GRASSO to address compliance issues in the real estate sector by streamlining and automating KYC and AML checks. The project combined KLEYR GRASSO’s legal competencies with kodehyve's tech expertise. The collaboration was aimed at ensuring that the module is compliant with the AML Law and meets the highest standards of accuracy, security, and compliance. The comprehensive module is not only beneficial for property developers but also for other stakeholders involved in real estate transactions. By digitising compliance check processes, the solution allows for complete checks to be done remotely, enhancing the user experience for investors and offering a seamless and convenient way for real estate stakeholders to store their data digitally.

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