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kodehyve expands to Belgium
kodehyve expands to Belgium
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Business Intelligence

Property developers often rely on multiple heterogeneous tools that are not connected and do not always communicate with one another. As a result, information is held in silos which tends to generate inefficiencies and leaves a lot of highly valuable data on the sidelines. Many outdated operations still rely on paper processes from which it is impossible to retrieve any data. At best, if there is some data analytics implemented, it more often than not only focuses on financial data, leaving out the human and operational aspects.  

Leverage your data to tell stories. kodehyve OS collects exploitable data from your documents and encoded information in the platform so as to make it talk. Your projects contain plenty valuable insights that enable you to adopt a sound retrospective view on past projects so as to gain continuous improvement and create operational efficiencies.

Qualitative data

Track and appreciate commercial processes and associated performances to ensure a smooth commercialisation phase from lead qualification to contract signature.

Project management
Enabling operational excellence. Follow and understand your project course and draw conclusions on delays and issues by putting them in perspective. Understand the reasons for potentially hindering inefficiencies and quickly identify the most straightforward path to proactively solve future issues - today.

Smart views
Analyse your data from macro and micro views and gain valuable insights into subcontractor, transactions, properties, projects and more.

Quantitative data

Control your finances and track your profitability at every stage of your project, following its evolution in real-time. Identify emerging incremental costs and new profit opportunities. Get predictive insights from the planned budget.