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Business intelligence and data analytics

Help your team and other stakeholders make sense of your data

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The problem

Retrieving and understanding complex data from planning, development and commercialisation phases is a hassle when working with a range of solutions that do not communicate with one another.

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Our solution

kodehyve automatically retrieves and visualises the most specific data points to help your organisation understand everything that is happening within a project in detail. Understanding your data is crucial so as to better plan and execute future projects. Data is king.

Product benefits and how it works

Data is king and you should be in charge of it. The kodehyve tools let you dynamically visualise and analyse the data linked to your projects that you collect. Use the BI and data analytics modules to better understand your project through a data-driven approach.


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Developer collaboration tool
Plan, manage, and analyse the construction and commercialisation phases of your real estate projects in the most collaborative, efficient and user-friendly way.
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Agency sales network tool
Establish and manage your sales network so you can execute your sales strategy in the most powerful way.
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e-signature platform
Sign all kinds of documents electronically with the highest user experience through a powerful platform based on a wide selection of e-signature technologies - all legally compliant with eIDAS Regulation.
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Live statistics and KPI analysis

Live statistics and KPI analysis

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Real-time data visualisation

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Custom reports

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Other use cases

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Project planning and management

Manage projects, tasks, people, deadlines and all of these combined

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Commercialisation and relationship management icon

Commercialisation and relationship management

Commercialise projects ensuring the highest customer satisfaction

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Ensure compliance on all levels of your projects 

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Financial planning and monitoring icon

Financial planning and monitoring

Enable accurate financial planning and monitoring across your projects

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