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kodehyve expands to Belgium
kodehyve expands to Belgium
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Customer lifecycle management

When purchasing a new property, investors often feel they are provided with a poor customer experience. Indeed, investors expectations are rising, but the experience in property development is, in its majority, still having a hard time keeping up. Real estate project commercialisation largely relies on traditional communication methods between the various stakeholders involved - developer, agency, bank, notary and investor. In addition, processes are often still manual and untransparent, resulting in customers not being able to follow the progress of their project they have spent a fortune on.  

Customer experience like it is 2023. Cover your entire customer lifecycle from the lead qualification phase to key handover and aftercare, offering a smooth and superior experience all along the value chain.

Lead management
Make your sales opportunities real and digitally run your deal flow end-to-end. Evaluate and qualify your leads for each property you are selling. Follow your commercial opportunities.

Digital & compliant onboarding
Deliver value to your customers from day 1 with smooth and compliant customer onboarding. Set up your investors and get them started on the platform to centralise exchanges and follow what is happening during their project. Relieve your team from burdensome compliance processes and delight your customers with  fully-digital and automated KYC and AML checks, both for natural and legal persons.

Administration on the go
Let your customers remotely handle their administrative tasks. Invite them to provide information or electronically sign documents. Give them access to a variety of relevant information and documents, be that visualisations, finition selection, or quotes, and directly generate invoices and supplementary agreements.

360° project view
Give your customers 360° visibility on their project, including the financial aspects such as instalment payments. Let them check project progress as well as share pictures and documents - only the ones they are supposed to, of course.

Ensure your investors’ satisfaction after the project is completed. Once onboarded, keep your customer on the platform and easily retrieve any information to ensure a high quality follow-up.

Integration with CMS and listings websites
Directly retrieve your properties’ information to create compelling listings and avoid redundant entries.