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kodehyve expands to Belgium
kodehyve expands to Belgium
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Document lifecycle management

When running a project, property developers and their stakeholders are still mainly relying on paper to exchange documents. As a result, documents are lost, often not confidentially stored or not shared with the right people, leading to countless exchanges of additional emails and calls during the lifecycle of a  project. This is not even argumenting about the issues arising in terms of costs for printing and transferring physical documents. When a document requires a signature, a lot of unnecessary journeys are taken to sign in person, besides offering an outdated experience to customers. Overall, there is a critical lack of digitalisation when it comes to document handling in the industry.

kodehyve makes it easier for everyone in and outside your team to access and share documents, improve your organisation and increase transparency while fostering paperless practices. kodehyve OS centralises information and documentation so that everyone involved in your project has access to what they need in order to smoothly complete the construction, commercialisation and financing processes.

Easily organise and find documents
Organise, share and retrieve your documents at different levels: per type, project or user and link them to a person, company or another document. Easily find your documentation via smart search.

Centralise any type of document
There is room for any document relevant to your business, such as plans, pictures, videos, sales booklets, orders, invoices, quotes, contracts, meeting minutes, IDs, KYC and AML forms, and more.

Smoothly sign your documents in-app
Enable your users to manage and approve documentation digitally in a secure, transparent, and collaborative way with the kodehyve eIDAS e-signature integrated in-app. You no longer require to make your partners physically sign to ensure the legally-binding validity of signatures.

Ensure document safety & confidentiality
Share documents with the team members that matter in a specific context, and only with them. Define your levels of confidentiality based on user rights and make sure your documents remain confidential and accessible at the same time.

Business on the go
Foster mobile collaboration and access your documents in-app whenever you need, from any device, anywhere.

Improve customer experiences
Customers have high expectations and are looking for convenience more than ever. Streamline your document management and signing processes and offer your investors and partners a smooth and digital experience.

Reduce your paper consumption and associated costs
Store and share everything digitally and reduce your paper consumption. You will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and your costs at the same time.

Increase efficiencies
Upload, request and receive documents in real-time. Accelerate your agreement workflows and reduce contract turnaround time.