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kodehyve expands to Belgium
kodehyve expands to Belgium
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Financial planning & budget management

Budgets and cost structures are largely set up and monitored through standalone solutions that do not communicate with the organisation’s core systems, making it nearly impossible to aggregate and structure financial data with non-financial data. The lack of automation of these solutions makes financial management partly ineffective.

kodehyve OS enables financial planning and monitoring with a great deal of flexibility and automation so everything can be analysed within one single user-friendly space.

Accurately manage your budget
Get rid of countless spreadsheets. Straightforwardly plan and adapt your budget to keep an eye on your activities. Customise your budget structure and break down tasks to appropriately track your costs. Automatically update your expenses and make sure to stay on track with your forecasts.  

Track your profitability in real-time
Gain future insights from your budget forecasts and track actual budgets. As soon as you receive an invoice, your actual budget is automatically updated in real-time so as to make sure you stay on track for profitability.

Make your finances more flexible
Manage all the facets of your finances. Set up VAT rates, discounts and other financially-relevant data. Implement advanced VAT logics such as the super-reduced tax rate administered by the Governments and discharge your teams of the red tape.

Create upselling opportunities
Coordinate with your subcontractors and efficiently manage business opportunities.

Digital invoice management
Directly upload and request financial documents (e.g. invoices, contract amendments) whereby the relevant amounts are retrieved in your financial analysis dashboard.

Put your customers in charge
Automate your instalment payment requests based on project progress and let your investors follow their payment schedules whenever they need.

Single source of truth
Centralise financial information in one place and get everyone aligned. Let subcontractors and investors track project finances and make sure everyone is on the same page to make the most informed decisions, making your business thrive.

Smart views
Analyse your data from macro and micro views and gain valuable insights into subcontractors, transactions, properties, projects and more.