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kodehyve expands to Belgium
kodehyve expands to Belgium
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Project management

Real estate projects are multifaceted, include a great number of details and more often than not involve multiple separate parties bound to different deadlines and responsibilities. Stakeholders and associated information are not centralised, resulting in inefficient collaboration and communication internally, with subcontractors, customers and other partners. Regarding construction progress supervision, there is a lack of transparency that triggers coordination and deadlines issues: your developers and subcontractors are not aligned, and your investors are not able to properly oversee their project. These inefficiencies are also illustrated by the inadequate tools developers are relying on, hence not covering all their needs and lacking automation, which in turn causes redundant and time consuming tasks at large.

kodehyve provides powerful and transparent ways to plan, manage, monitor and control every phase of your project within one homogeneous solution so that everyone involved is aligned - no matter their role.

Communicate and collaborate efficiently
Eliminate communication silos and dead-ends by gathering all your stakeholders on one powerful platform, offering everyone involved a seamless and transparent experience. Coordinate your projects with your subcontractors and put them in contact with your buyers via live chat (e.g. for material choice) and avoid timeloss of acting as an intermediary.

Empower your team and partners
Allocate tasks and request signatures, quotes, IDs or any other relevant document - and let your partners handle their duties in the most efficient way.

Tailored and secured access to each project
Assign internal and external teams for each project or property and manage their respective accesses to information and authorised actions based on their role.

Manage commercial flows
Oversee every step of your commercial phase: From prospection to key handover, enable your investors to access any relevant information and follow their project, instalment payments, VAT reimbursement, and much more.

Manage deadlines and delays
Stay one step ahead and visualise deadlines and potential bottlenecks. Schedule and track work with subcontractors on a shared timeline. Monitor your projects’ progresses with Gantt Chart and Kanban views, amongst others, and get a bird’s eye view of your progress, constraints and dependencies.

Adjust your schedule
Effortlessly switch deadlines and adapt your schedule. The kodehyve OS task management module takes interdependent tasks into account, spotlights potential bottlenecks and automatically informs your team.
Tasks automation
Automate and streamline repetitive activities and stop losing time on redundant tasks.

Escalation management
Smoothen communication with SMS, email and in-app automated notifications to make sure everyone is duly informed about relevant changes and updates.

Smart views
Choose the most relevant view for you to retrieve information and progress per project, property, internal team, subcontractor, or client.