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Project planning and management illustration
Project planning and management

Manage projects, tasks, people, deadlines and all of these combined

Problem icon
The problem

Real estate projects are multifaceted, include a great number of details and often involve multiple parties bound to different deadlines and responsibilities.

Solution icon
Our solution

kodehyve provides powerful and transparent ways to plan, manage, monitor and control every phase of a project within one homogeneous solution so that everyone involved is aligned - no matter their role.

Product benefits and how it works

Multifaceted projects ask for flexible solutions that enable cross-functional teams to plan, manage and monitor project tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. The kodehyve collaboration tools make cross-functional collaboration a powerful and smooth experience for everyone involved.


Developer tool icon
Developer collaboration tool
Plan, manage, and analyse the construction and commercialisation phases of your real estate projects in the most collaborative, efficient and user-friendly way.
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Agency tool icon
Agency sales network tool
Establish and manage your sales network so you can execute your sales strategy in the most powerful way.
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Project management and collaboration icon

Project management and collaboration

Task and deadline management icon

Task and deadline management

Project progress monitoring

Project progress monitoring

User roles and access management icon

User roles and access management

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Other use cases

Commercialisation and relationship management icon

Commercialisation and relationship management

Commercialise projects ensuring the highest customer satisfaction

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Compliance icon


Ensure compliance on all levels of your projects 

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Financial planning and monitoring icon

Financial planning and monitoring

Enable accurate financial planning and monitoring across your projects

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Business intelligence and Data analytics icon

Business intelligence and data analytics

Help your team and other stakeholders make sense of your data

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