Building the future of real estate

Kodehyve was created in early 2020 to build the future of real estate in Europe and beyond. Founded by a team of experienced FinTech and RegTech developers and product managers, we grow together with our mission of bringing the most powerful technologies to the real estate industry.




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Who we are

We are a product-focused technology company and the products we build lie at the center of everything we do. Our DNA is dominated by a customer-first approach of building powerful products, never spelling technology without UX and a healthy degree of customer obsession.   

Built by an experienced leadership from the FinTech and RegTech space, we are in the midst of building what we truly feel being the most exciting company of curious humans who think differently because, well, we really enjoy being different.


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A word (or two) from our founders

"Being bold is a key component of our company DNA. That’s why we are bold in the products we build. We highly enjoy challenging the status quo and we are constantly thinking about how we can make things work better - because there always is a way of making things work better."

Felix Hemmerling, CEO & Julien Casse, CTO


combined years of experience technology and entrepreneurship

Our vision

With our unique approach of crafting powerful tools, we aim to become the recognised leader in accelerating and redefining the digital wave in real estate. 

Our business

The products we build and the people we build them with are at the core of our business. At kodehyve, we do not separate tech and business because we build great products together. 

Our culture

We challenge how things are done today - outside and inside kodehyve, while enjoying every so little step of the process. That means being wrong sometimes - and we enjoy being wrong because it brings us closer to the truth.

Our people

Our people have two things in common: we are humans and we get excited crafting innovative solutions through technology.

kodehyve headquarters

Our headquarters are located in the heart of Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg. All public transport being completely free in Luxembourg, we are located just a 5-minute walk from the next tram, bus and central train station. We’re piloting business all around Europe from here and will be setting up local European offices soon. 


78/80 Mühlenweg

L-2155 Luxembourg

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