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one powerful collaboration tool
with endless modules

by largely replacing inefficient workflows, kodehyve™ is a collaboration tool allowing real estate contractors & agencies to more efficiently manage their construction & commercialisation projects.

kodehyve real estate management software

one multi-sided platform for
all stakeholders involved

more efficient workflows, better communication & increased transparency for all stakeholders involved by using one powerful multi-sided platform.

multi-sided real estate platform

provide an advanced user-experience to your project stakeholders

access anywhere anytime
securely access anytime
document exchange
document exchange
live chat
live chat
kodehyve mobile
kodehyve e-signature powered by Luxtrust
instant notifications
instant notifications
project rogress
monitor project progress

secure & reliable

secured cloud hosting

we take security seriously - at kodehyve, all customers each have their own secured cloud hosting.

rolling updates

updates are pushed on a rolling basis, meaning there is no downtime when it comes to updating the platform.

99.99% uptime commitment

based on the most reliable infrastructure, we have a 99.99% uptime commitment included in our SLA.

automated bug reporting

the smallest bugs are detected automatically in our platform - but we make sure there won't be any in the first place.

reach out to us

reach out to us via any of the contact information provided below to schedule a meeting.

Felix Hemmerling, co-founder & CEO
felix hemmerling

co-founder & CEO

 (+352) 691 571 500


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Julien Casse, co-founder & CTO
julien casse

co-founder & CTO

 (+352) 691 571 500


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a proud member of
European PropTech Association PropTech House
LuxPropTech Association

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