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kodehyve OS 2.0 beta access waitlist 

kodehyve OS 2.0 is in the making and you could soon be one of the beta access holders! 

Our users have spoken, and we have listened

We do not take our commitment to listening to and growing with our users lightly. Based on your extensive feedback over the last few years, we have been working
relentlessly on kodehyve OS 2.0 and the developments initiated in 2023 are expected to yield significant results across your organisations in 2024 and beyond. While some bits and pieces have been released to our customers and early testers over the last few quarters, we are eager to get kodehyve OS 2.0 into the hands of even more real estate professionals. 

kh advisory illustration

While kodehyve started as a project management
and customer relationship management tool back in 2020, the needs of our users as well as the lack of available solutions pushed us to evolve into a strongly horizontal solution, covering the multi-faceted needs and use cases of our customers involved in property development and real estate transactions. Hence, over the past few years, kodehyve has evolved into a horizontal, end-to-end operating system, now covering use cases within project management, investor lifecycle management, risk and compliance as well as financial management and business intelligence

kodehyve OS 2.0: What is new?

The short answer: lots - and kodehyve OS 2.0 is expected to yield significant results across your organisations. 

The kodehyve OS 2.0 update comes with a brand new design system containing significant enhancements in UI/UX: kodehyve users will experience the power of our in-house design system and enjoy the simplicity of more straightforward UI design. 

kodehyve OS 2.0 - pictogram 1
kodehyve OS 2.0 - pictogram 2

Further, kodehyve OS 2.0 enables our users to leverage smarter, automated workflows that make every interaction a breeze: Our improved assisted guidance system helps anticipate the next steps, ensuring you're always three steps ahead. Linked to this, the kodehyve operating system will provide more in-depth performance analyses - both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

And finally, the 2.0 update comes with lots of product enhancements and much-desired features our users have asked for across all five pillars of real estate operations: project management, investor lifecycle management, risk and compliance, financial management, and business intelligence. 

kodehyve OS 2.0 - pictogram 3

Product roadmap and kodehyve OS 2.0 updates

kodehyve OS 2.0 is not just an update: it's a transformation across all five pillars of real estate operations: project management, investor lifecycle management, risk and compliance, financial management, and business intelligence.


A 100% in-house design system with a powerful UX

Enhanced UI design, fresh colours and better contrasts

Improved navigation and feature hubs 

Switch from entity-based structure to use case contextual centres

Better onboarding, more guidance and pro-active assistance


Lots of handy shortcuts

More workflow and process automation 

New bulk processes ensuring more efficient work

Improved investor onboarding automation

Greater data structure scalability

Feature hubs

Powerful file management and document hubs

Advanced “Google Drive-like” project sharing 

Enhanced project management and monitoring

“Advanced Excel” and extended import and export logic

Sophisticated dashboards and tools for streamlined, high-quality reporting

flexible modules pictogram

+ Integrations and flexible modules enabling you to integrate kodehyve tech into your existing environments and solutions

Want to discover kodehyve OS 2.0 in action?

Sign up to the beta access waitlist below.