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kodehyve comply

FATF-GAFI compliant KYC and AML lifecycle management

Streamline KYC and AML lifecycle management, transactions, document and signature requests - fully secure and compliant

Reduce costs illustrations
Reduce costs

Reduce compliance costs and additional hassle

De-risk illustration

Transactions and activities

Enhance illustration

User experiences and accessibility across geographies

Guard your reputation illustration
Guard your reputation

Avoid reputational risk and fines

Effortlessly ensure compliance with your professional obligations

Automate your due diligence and effortlessly remain compliant with KYC/AML/BO/CTF requirements

Illustration: Effortlessly ensure compliance with your professional obligations

kodehyve comply is a stand-alone compliance platform, enabling professionals of all kinds to conveniently and securely execute compliance and due diligence activities.

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Illustration: FATF-GAFI compliant

FATF-GAFI compliant

kodehyve comply capabilities meet regulatory requirements with KYC/AML procedures compliant with the most recent FATF-GAFI recommendations put in place in Luxembourg after the FATF-GAFI review of 27th September 2023.

For utmost legal compliance, the module has been developed in collaboration with legal firm KLEYR GRASSO.

Modules setting you up for success

Select adapted KYC/AML flow for buyer or seller

Adapted flows illustration

Set completion deadlines and automated reminders

Automated escalation management illustration

Select assignees to complete the flow and choose to send it to your clients for self-completion or fill it out internally

Seamless completion requests illustration

Upload and centralise your due diligence checks and research (blacklist/sanction list and others)

Illustration: risk-mitigating due diligence trails

Clear ROI for customers

6-12 months after adopting kodehyve, our customers saw

> €10,000

Illustration: key lock - risk reduction

Reduction in legal risks per customer and transaction


Illustration: circle 85% filled

Reduction in transaction times and sales cycles


Illustration: circle 83% filled

Time savings on invoice management time


Illustration: circle 80% filled

Savings in costs related to the signing of documents


Illustration: circle 25% filled

Savings in administrative costs


Illustration: circle 30% filled

Reduction in paper use

Client success stories

“kodehyve has transformed our invoicing process from a time-consuming task that took at least 30 minutes with Excel to a streamlined and efficient operation, now achievable in just 5 minutes."

Agathe Le Callonnec
Fund Manager at Lionstone Capital Partners

“We can see lux-sign is a sector-specific e-signature platform designed specifically for the real estate industry, taking into account our workflows. Thanks to lux-sign, we save 2 hours saved per week per agent, get our agreements signed 3 times faster and gain crucial agility."

Paulo Madureira
Managing Partner at New Immo

"Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the e-signature experience provided by lux-sign. They appreciate the security, simplicity and speed of the process, as well as the time saved by not having to visit the premises multiple times when they have to sign documents, which has reinforced their confidence in our services."

Daniel Mais
Administrator at Urban Livin’

"The automation of our operating process enabled with kodehyve OS does not only reduce operational costs and risks, but also contributes to the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint."

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