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Real Estate Fund Holon and Real Estate Developer P&P Promotions Choose kodehyve to Strengthen Their ESG & Digitisation Commitment

Published on
Jan 12, 2024

ESG use case: New collaboration and financial analysis tool

In the context of their digitization efforts and ESG commitment, P&P Promotions selected the next-gen multi-sided platform combining collaboration and financial analysis dedicated to real estate professionals and developed by their partner kodehyve.

During the lifetime of the project, from construction to commercialization all the way to the handover of the keys, kodehyve provides a global software covering a large panel of several collaboration features thanks to powerful modules such as:

  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Real estate development project planning
  • Financial analysis and budgeting
  • Project coordination and monitoring with task list creation and project status
  • Collaboration workspace between partners and suppliers
  • Commercialisation of projects and properties
  • Advanced e-signature for contracts and other documents to be approved
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Know Your Customer (KYC)/Politically Exposed Person (PEP) procedures
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) with collaboration and communication spaces for clients and stakeholders (with live chat or in-app and SMS notifications), as well as document and information exchange workflows
  • Invoicing
  • Post-development communication with clients and partners
This automation of the operating process does not only reduce operational costs and risks, but also contributes to the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint.
Holon Real Estate, 2020

Regarding the professional real estate work environment of P&P Promotions, one of the most challenging issue is to replace physical documents by electronic and digital alternatives. This automation of the operating process does not only reduce operational costs and risks, but also contributes to the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint.

Here are some non-exhaustive ESG examples of use cases Holon Real Estate has analyzed:


In 2020, P&P Promotions ordered twice a paper supply for an amount of 14,174 pages. In terms of transport only, this represents a CO2 emissions of 351.05 kg based on their internal calculation.

By using the kodehyve technology, the target is among others to maximize the reduction of raw materials being used during the production phase of paper.
P&P Promotions, 2020

In the same year at least 54,892 pages were printed and exchanged between the company, their stakeholders and customers. The production from raw material of these A4 sheets required a total of 274,460 liters of water and the felling and processing of 5 trees. By using the kodehyve technology, their target is among others to maximize the reduction of raw materials being used during the production phase of paper.


Social issues include not readily quantifiable metrics to access the impact of paper production on land rights and health of affected local communities.

However, the overall impact is huge, especially if we consider that non-recycled paper comes from 93% of processed felled trees, and thus accentuating deforestation and all other related issues in most damaged countries such as Brazil [- 531,670 km2] and Indonesia [- 275,350 km2].


A single tool centralizing information and data allows for enhanced collaborative efficiency among partners, suppliers, stakeholders and clients. Time spent in searching for lost documents by each staff member in a company represents on average 38 hours per year. For P&P Promotions, this translates to a total of 266 lost production hours a year. Thus, P&P Promotions chose to start measuring the benefits and the impact of this digital transformation on their daily external and internal operations.

About Holon real estate: Holon, the vision of real estate investment at the heart of sustainable finance. In a world where awareness of environmental protection and societal inequality has significantly grown, the financial industry has not been spared. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in real estate investment has increasingly become an important standard. In the past decade, investors have exhibited an increased desire to allocate capital into socially responsible real estate investments.

To meet this need, Holon provides: 1) Access to resilient performance and tracking of sustainable extra-financial data, 2) Integrated ESG criteria into the investment- and decision-making processes, and 3) Positive impact and long-term added value on equity and real estate investments. With over 50 years of experience, the Holon team is made of highly skilled engineers, property development experts and founders with strong ties to a European network of partners.

Find out more about Holon’s ESG values:

Find out more about Holon Real Estate:

About P&P Promotions: With several years of experience in the construction and real estate environment, P&P Promotions gives you the key to your real estate dream. From apartment to residences, P&P Promotions offers you future real estate projects, projects under construction or new and turnkey properties in Luxembourg, Portugal and more.

Find out more about P&P Promotions:

About kodehyve: By largely replacing heterogeneous tools and inefficient workflows, kodehyve effectively is a collaboration tool (SaaS) allowing real estate professionals to more efficiently manage their construction and commercialisation projects as well as the property and client relationship management during a property’s lifetime.

Through the careful selection of powerful modules, such as document storage, document exchange flows, e-signatures, KYC and AML checks, task management, billing, live chat and many others, kodehyve enables real estate professionals to build their unique collaboration tool so as to maximise its value for their specific context and use cases.

kodehyve is where collaboration and transparency replace inefficiencies. Visit for more information or reach out to kodehyve via to schedule a demo.