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How to onboard LUX-SIGN, the Luxembourg real estate e-signature platform

Published on
Jan 12, 2024
Written by
Solène Magnani
Real Estate

In partnership with the Luxembourg Chamber of Real Estate (Chambre Immobilière du Luxembourg), kodehyve has developed an e-signature platform that caters to the particular needs of property developers, agencies, architectural and engineering firms, end-customers, and subcontractors alike.

LUX-SIGN enables users to read, sign and approve legal documents (a variety of contracts and other agreements, including quotes and invoices) from wherever, across all devices and timezones.

One of the key elements that differentiates the newly launched solution from existing e-signature platforms is the possibility for users to use predefined documents that are approved and legally certified by the Luxembourg Chamber of Real Estate. Thus, this adds an important and highly valuable layer of legal protection and therefore signatory confidence to all parties involved. The e-signature platform for the real estate sector ensures full compliance under existing European Union (EU) laws, adhering to eIDAS regulation for electronic signatures and transactions within the EU.

Hence, by using our sector-specific e-signature platform, real estate professionals can upload their own contracts and templates when signing agreements in addition to using a wide range of standardised contracts officially certified by the Luxembourg Chamber of Real Estate.

Additionally, the platform guarantees the highest standards of security thanks to a secured platform-wide audit trail allowing to track any changes made to documents - and rest assured that all documents are safely and confidentially stored in our AWS-powered infrastructure.

For more information about lux-sign, visit Reach out to the Luxembourg Chamber of Real Estate to discuss your subscription options.

Contact information:
+352 621 832 444

Not a member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Real Estate or you want your own kodehyve sign solution? Contact the kodehyve team. Contact information:
+352 691 571 500