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Head Of Product Véronique Ziliotto has been appointed to Chief Product Officer at kodehyve

Published on
Jan 12, 2024
Written by
Solène Magnani

Our (former) Head of Product, Veronique Ziliotto has recently been appointed Chief Product Officer at kodehyve.

Véronique joined kodehyve in mid-2022 as Head of Product. A 10-year veteran at Amazon with a 2-year stint at AWS, she has seasoned experience in building innovative products and leading international product teams across multiple industries ranging from e-commerce, aerospace to supply chain and cloud computing.

At kodehyve, Véronique owns and leads the product vision and roadmap. She has brought her robust product expertise and customer-oriented methodology to ensure product alignment with the company vision as well as customer adoption, and support of the digital transformation of property developers.

In the context of her promotion from HoP to CPO, we sat down with Véronique to discuss what led her to kodehyve, her journey at kodehyve and her ambitions for the future.

What led you to your career at kodehyve?

I was always drawn to the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg. When Felix and Julien (kodehyve founders, Ed.) offered to join the adventure at kodehyve, the product role had to be built from scratch. I felt this was very exciting to create a whole new department and make it up and running. Joining a fast growing startup means that there is a lot of freedom to build and to experiment: new product features,  new ways to collaborate with customers, and much more.

What were your biggest challenges and achievements since you were at kodehyve? What is your greatest lesson learned?

The biggest challenge when managing a product in a startup is always related to the prioritisation of development resources. At kodehyve, we have a lot of ambition and have to be very focused on delivering features that have the greatest impact on our customers. In that context, the biggest lesson learned for me was how important it is to be clear about priorities and the rationale behind it. Therefore, we are very transparent with our customers on what we are working on and what are the next developments on our roadmap.

From Head of Product to Chief Product Officer: what are the implications of your promotion to CPO?

By getting promoted to Chief Product Officer, I take on an extended role including customer success and strategy partnerships on top of product development. In the product market fit phase, there is a very organic relationship between product roadmap and the requests of existing customers making  product development and customer success interconnected. It was then a natural continuation for me to take on this role as well. In addition, kodehyve is positioned as an end-to-end solution serving the real estate ecosystem, therefore the development of new partnerships to increase the portfolio of services is a key component of our strategy.

How have the products evolved since your first days at kodehyve?

Since I joined kodehyve nine months ago, the product has significantly evolved to incorporate new features dedicated to financial management that are key for property developers, such as re-invoicing of client supplements, revenue analysis, and enhanced budget management. Our major launch since the beginning of the year is a KYC/AML module specific for real estate actors, developed in collaboration with the Luxembourgish law firm Kleyr Grasso.

What are your ambitions for the future?

kodehyve is evolving towards a suite of services tailored to each phase of real estate development, from feasibility studies to construction and commercialisation. Our vision is to provide these services as a complete ecosystem or as independent modules that users can access in kodehyve OS or through SDKs (software development kits). We will pursue the development of each of these modules, with a particular focus on the financial management module, KYC/AML and productivity solutions such as CRM-related and project management-related features.